How to: The perfect cup of ice tea

One of the things you should know about me is that I have a slight obsession with tea. Davids Tea to be exact. Their teas are pretty much all organic and natural, and the unique flavor combinations can’t be beat. I worked for Davids Tea during their holiday season and I can honestly say it was one of my favorite jobs of all thime, luckily there is one near my new job and I can to stop in every day for the perfect cup of tea.

While working there I had the pleasure of picking up a few tricks and tips on how to make the perfect cup every time. Today I’ll be showing you how I make my ice tea, you can use any tea you like but I’ll be using my all time favorite Tropicalia. This mix of apple, pinapple, and coconut makes you feel like you’re sipping on a pina colada.

Step one:  Boil some water. Here I’m using my Le Creuset tea kettle in teal, I usually take mine off the stove before it whistles because you don’t need boiling water to steep the tea. It’s actually not good at all for the water to be too hot.


Step two: Pick your tea and steeping method. Like i said earlier im using tropicalia. To steep I am using the Davisa Tea perfect mug in glass, but you can use a tea bag, perfect steeper or what ever you prefer. Also shown in this picture is a stick of agave nectar which I’ll be using to sweeten the teaImageImage

Step three: Making the tea. The secret to ice tea is to make it nice and strong. When making a hot tea I usually use one and a half to three teaspoons of loose tea. When making ice tea you are going to want to double what you would normally use, and use half the amount of water. This makes for a strong bold brew that will dilute when the ice is added making it the perfect ratio. I brew my tropicalia for about 7 minutes, adding the agave in while brewing to make sure it fully dissolves.


Step four:  Ice. Once your tea is as strong as you like, you can remove the tea bag/ filter add the ice and viola! You now have the perfect cup of ice tea for the hot summer days we are approaching.



Let me know your favorite types of tea in the comments below!

Have a wonderful week everyone.

xoxo C

song of the day: “Candle in the wind” Elton John


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