Mothers day: what i got my mom

Hello everyone, and to all the mothers out there, happy mothers day! Even though we should tell our mom’s how much we love them every day, today is the day we can scream it from the rooftops. My mom is probably my favorite person in the entire world, she is hilarious, beautiful, loving, caring, and any other positive thing you can say about a woman. Not to mention she’s a fire cracker when she’s mad and should not be messed with, oh and she uses hash tags in text messages.. Yeah she’s a bad ass. Being the sweetheart she is she always says how she doesn’t want us to spend our hard earned money on her, so what I did was bought a few things at reasonable prices I knew she would love and wrapped it all up.

First thing I got her was a giant perfect glass mug from davids tea. As seen in my last post I clearly have an obsession with this brand and their products but the one who introduced me to them was my wonderful mamma. Her favorite tea is a herbal blend called “Mamma Mia” and she probably drinks 3 cups of this stuff a day, hence why the giant mug would be perfect for her. I also threw in a pre packed 50 gram bag of mamma mia that the store had on special. ( Mug $22.00, tea $5.00) Image


When holding her hand the other day I noticed they were extremely dry and rough. This is probably because of all the house cleaning, dish washing, cooking greatness she does on a day to day basis. For dry hands I knew I had to go to the experts at kiehl’s.  They showed me the ultimate strength hand salve, and while $22.00 for a 2.5 oz bottle seems a bit pricey, I knew it would do the trick and she deserves a little pampering in her day-to-day life.



So that’s it folks, that’s what I got for my momma, let me know what you got for your moms in the comments below!

Xoxo C

Song of the day: “show me” by Bruno Mars


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