Shoe Unboxing: FRYE combat boots

Like 90% of women on this wonderful planet earth I struggle daily with addiction… to shoes. I want them all, wedges, stilettos, oxfords, flats, sneakers, but my most worn pair of shoes over the past 3 years have been my trusty combat boots.  They were a taupe and I constantly got compliments on the worn in easy going look of them. Little did those people know the worn in look was from when I destroyed them from bar hopping one night, but that’s a story for another time. On to the main attraction in this post, my new babies from FRYE.

I’ve been wanting to invest in a black pair of combat boots for a while but could never seen to find the perfect pair. I wanted them to be simple and clean looking, no zippers or frills. You would think this would be an easy find but I found out the hard way I’m as picky as my shoes as I am with my men.  But alas one day while I was browsing at the bay I came across these puppies and knew I had to have them. They were a little on the pricey side but I knew what I was getting into with FRYE and the quality is there so I really couldn’t complain, after all my discounts and cashing in some of my reward points I ended up spending about $180.00 on them which I was ecstatic about. So lets take a look at my latest loves.




The quality of these is on point and as much as I love the wooden sole, I need to get some traction for the bottom before I can wear these out. But all in all these are exactly what I have been looking for and rate them a perfect 10. Click here for a link to the shoes in the color whiskey if your are interested.

What is your most worn/favorite pair of shoes? Leave it in the comments below

Song of the day: “cowboy take me away” The Dixie Chicks


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