In my opinion guys are relatively easy to shop for..well the ones in my life anyways. But I know this may no be the case for some people and while I’m always seeing gift guides for I cant help but think, what about him!

Here are some of my favorite things and what I’ll be getting my guy this valentines.

1. If they’re active or just like to lounge in style you can’t go wrong with the Lululemon sweats, I know so many guys that swear by these because they’re warm comfortable and don’t look as sloppy as the grad or uni sweats that they probably refuse to take off. The Post gravity Pants (picture shown below) are the ones I’ll be giving as a gift this year. If you feel like adding something else from lulu I have to suggest their boxers specifically the Game On Boxer Breif because my brother will not stop talking about how comfortable they are and  how it’s now the only brand he will wear so I highly suggest checking them out.


2. Tickets. Guys love tickets, if you can find something that they love around Valentines Day that’s great, but if not don’t stress. You can get them tickets for a game or show that’s a few months away and then you’ll have something awesome to look forward to in the future. I always check stubhub.com for tickets because you can fins anything after ticketmaster’s sold out, I’ve used it many times and trust it 100%. I got my guy tickets to a Canucks game for Christmas from stub hub he was over the moon excited that I was able to get sold out tickets to his favorite teams.

3. If your on a budget or just want to make something yourself, there are tons of DIY’s to make.

  • You can do an at home movie night kit. I suggest target as a one-stop shop since they will have everything you need. Start off with a box and fill it with a movie, maybe a classis he loves or something you think you both would like. Tons of candy, some popcorn, they even have adorable popcorn boxes for only a few bucks that you could fill with some homemade caramel corn (recipe coming soon, I promise!) and voila you’re done!
  • Another fun DIY is a guys booze bouquet. While I haven’t made this myself it looks super fun and easy to do. Here are some final products and a link on how its done. While the link provided is girl theme just change up the colors, add his favorite liquor and that’s another super easy gift out of the way.
  • Image
  • Sticking with the bouquet and DIY theme, something I’ve seen all over pinterst is a bacon bouquet. Again this is something I’ve wanted to try but haven’t gotten around too but it looks fun and would love to know if anyone’s done it! Link can be found here. Its funny, its cute and its made of bacon, it’s a win win all around.
  • Image

4. A really cool website I recently came across is sesamegifts.com they have affordable themed gift sets, that that you can send to your significant other and the best part is all you have to do is pay, they handle the rest! Pretty cool huh? My favorite and the most guy appropriate on the site is the monkey love, with a cute chocolate bar and a little stuffed monkey, I also really love the Ski house and Hipster Cocktail sets.

5. While this doesn’t go with the theme of the post I have to talk about the be my galantine box from Sesame Gifts that I’m definitely going to send to my single slightly bitter friend which includes a Paper Voodoo Doll pad to send all the “bite me” and “screw you” pin pricks you want this Valentine’s Day, There is one pin for evil, and another for good, and can be used for healing powers and loving vibes as well. There is also a blueberry Acai Gummy Pandas from Bissingers to eat the blues away, and a  “PS You’re Fabulous” Dark Chocolate Bar from Sugar Plum chocolate. I think this is hilarious and awesome and would have loved to receive this from one of my friends.

So here are some of my favorite guy gifts and I hope you guys enjoyed these ideas and got some inspiration. Buy Guy or not I hope you have a fabulous valentines day!

Xo C

Song of the day “Halo” Beyonce


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