Haul and First Impressions

I tend to have a slight problem with being a shopaholic. It’s something I’m working on but clearly as you will see below, I’m not succeeding in putting an end to it. I justified a few of the products because of gift cards from Christmas and that a few are presents but I figured you might be interested to see what I picked up since one of my favorite videos to watch on youtube are hauls/ first impressions.

The first things I picked up are some goodies from Sephora. I’ve needed some basic eye shadows like a matte black and nice yellow toned cream for a while and who’s going to argue with more matte browns so I continued my obsession with urban decay and picked up the naked basics palette I used it this morning and extremely happy with the results. Its natural, easy, pretty and I think it is the perfect thing for beginners and experts alike. The second thing shown in this picture is a silicon face sponge used for cleaning pores. I’ve had trouble with dry skin this season, more than any year in the past and I’ve had difficulty with my face not feeling like its getting a deep clean. This could be because of the face wash I am using. I used it last night and liked the results my face did feel cleaner, but it will be interesting to see how it works over time I also really want to try a clearsonic but its not in my price range right now.


Next thing I picked up was this Tresemme smooth and silky touchable softness conditioner. Before going platinum I could get away with buying smaller bottles of high-end deep conditioner and only using it once a week. Since my hair color change the past few months I have found my hair to be dry, much more prone to tangles, and my usual conditioner regimen wouldn’t cut it, due to the fact I needed double the amount and on more areas of my hair. I used this product last night and was very happy with the results. My hair was smooth right out of the shower even after I patted it dry with a towel. In combination with my wet brush it was like brushing through silk and when I woke up this morning it felt so moisturized and less frizzy. Typically when I use a lot of conditioner it weighs my hair down and I loose a lot of my natural wave but today I was able to just brush out the roots and walk out the door.


I then went to victoria secret and used up one of my gift cards. These baralettes are my favorite things in the world. I have difficulties finding bras that fit me and find these to be the most confortable. Not many places sell them so I try and pick them up anywhere I can. And so far these are moving up to a favorite. I’m not the biggest fan of the thick straps but the thick fabric of the band on the bottom gives a decent amount of support and the lightly lined cup (think what you have in a bathing suit if not thinner) gave just enough coverage for the… well for lack of a better term “headlights” we can get during the cold months. As for the underwear it was a 5 for 25 deal, and I cant pass those up. I only showed the 4 cute pairs because I figured you guys didn’t need to see the granny panties I got.  I did end up getting one matching set because it was just too cute to pass up and screamed valentines day.



I am obsessed with these sports bra because they are exactly what I like. They have good coverage, enough support, and come in multiple colors. I go to hot yoga a few times a week and there is nothing I hare more than trying to get a tight, thick sports bra off when all you want do is hop in a cold shower. They were 2 for $30 and I like the bright colors, I’m trying to switch it up from my regular all black workout clothes and this is helping.


The last 3 things are all related to my last post what to get HIM for Valentines Day.

I told you what I was going to get but here it is again. The pants are from lululemon (link in previous post), he already knows about this and is super excited for me to give them to him. I kind of have this thing where I get the most obnoxious candy I can find, examples being the king size Reeces Pieces cup and bar and a half of caramilk i got him for Christmas. I had to step up my game for valentines day since its basically a holiday that celebrates chocolate so I picked up his favorite m&m’s, the ones with the peanuts from Costco for about 10 bucks, and the big bear mug is from target. I highly suggest going to targets valentines section, they have the cutest stuff and its so cheap! I almost got the deer chocolate with “you’re a deer” written on the box but since he’s more of a beer guy than hunting I stuck with this one.




That’s all I picked up this week and am pleased with everything. Did you guys get anything cool or interesting or maybe just boring and surprisingly good like my conditioner, let me know in the comments.

Xo C

Song of the day “Anchor” by Mindy Gledhill


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