Updated review: tresemme conditioner and cover girl Tru blend products

A few weeks ago I posted a haul with my first impressions of some of the products I purchased (original post here) and as promised I’m back with an update.

The first product they was an absolute fail was the conditioner. I still stand by what I said that it makes my hair silky smooth and doesn’t weigh my hair down at all but I did have a major problem with it. After about a week of use I started to notice my scalp was quite itchy, I chalked this up to my hair being very dirty (I was getting my hair dyed that week and it’s good to go in with dirty hair so the product has something to grab on to). But after I got my hair done the itching and burning became unbearable I then found little bumps on the back of my neck, which is where most of the discomfort was taking place. Then it hit me that I started using a new product around the time the irritation started and that could be what’s causing it. I have since stopped using the conditioner and the discomfort and itching has subsided so I’m left to assume that I’m allergic to something in the conditioner.

The next product that unfortunately didn’t work out is the Covergirl Tru blend foundation and concealer stick. These products weren’t mentioned in the haul but I posted a photo of them on my twitter and instagram as a instahaul. By the way do you follow me on those social media sites? Because you totally should. Anyways I wanted these products to work out so badly but they didn’t. I started off with shade light 4 it seemed to match well in the store but when I got home and tried it it was a complete mess. It oxidized and turned so orange on me after 10 minutes and left an obvious line even after trying to blend down to my neck. It is supposed to be light to medium coverage but unfortunately it was very obvious I had foundation on. This is a look I’m not use to dealing with as I am an avid UD naked skin foundation wearer. I tried to apply it with a beauty blender in hopes of sheering it out but that didn’t work, it also didn’t work with my fingers or a real techniques stippling brush. The concealer wasn’t bad coverage wise but the shade was wrong. I first bought the medium deep shade in hopes of using it for contouring but it came out far too light once applied and looked awkward. I’m sure it would have worked better if I was able to find the deepest shade in the range but no drugstore that I’ve been too carries it. I exchanged it for the lightest shade hoping I could just use it as an under eye concealer but it wasn’t the easiest to blend. It’s the type of product that would benefit from being warmed up between your fingers before applying but because of the stick application you are unable to do so.


Overall I would still recommend the conditioner, but keep the receipt incase you have the same reaction I did to it and have the option of returning it. I would take a huge pass on the foundation, its not worth the money I would suggest L’Oreal true match of Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation, both have glorious reviews from makeup artists and every day consumers and work much better. As for the canceler give it a shot if you need it for spot concealing or contouring but for under eyes I give it the thumbs down.

Have you tried any of these products? I would love to know how they worked for you.

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