DIY Pressed flowers

Over the past week I’ve been staring at the beautiful bouquet of flowers I received on Valentines Day and the only thing I can think of besides how happy they make me and what a sweet gesture they were is that it’ll make me sad to throw them away. Then it hit me; I can make something beautiful out of them. I’ve seen pressed flowers in frames at my grandmas house and always thought it added a nice touch to a photo, And loved that it added another element to the memory.Β 

I looked up different ways to press flowers and while you can purchase flower presses I looked over at the stack of textbooks I’m waiting to sell back to my uni and decided to do this the old school way. I pressed my flowers using stacks of books and then died them in the microwave. My anthology of british literature was finally be put to good use!

What you will need:

Flowers of your choice

Lots of heavy books

Thick paper

Paper towel

A microwave and a tile or wooden (or microwave safe) cutting board.


1) I placed 2 pieces of thick notebook paper on either side of the flowers in hopes they grab most of the moisture that will come from the pressing process and in turn save the pages of my book.


2) I then picked the flowers I wanted to use, placed them in a way I thought looked best. I enjoyed the look of having some of them open and thought it would give more dimension to them once I framed them.

3) Once arraigning the flowers in a way I liked, I then added big stack of books on top of it.


4) This step is completely optional but after a week or two the flowers are completely flat making it easier to dry them out. You can either do this by placing them in a dry area and letting them dry out on their own or if you’re as impatient as me put them in the microwave. To do this you simply take the flowers on the pieces of paper you pressed them in, place that in between two pieces of paper towel and then dry them in 30 second intervals.

Once your flowers have dried you can use them whichever way you like. I’m planning on making a gallery wall behind my bed and will be framing the flowers and placing them there. I think these would be not only a pretty and different element but a wonderful reminder of a great night.

Whether or not you’re trying to do something with a special bouquet of flowers or just want something pretty to hang on your wall I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful

Have you every pressed flowers? and if so how did you display them and what method did you choose to use? Id love to hear!

Xo C

Song of the day “hit me with your best shot” – Pat Benatar


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