Chanel Validates the Sneaker Trend

The sneaker trend is something I have been wanting to write about for weeks. Its something I noticed starting to happen this summer and has continued on through the year. Chanel has recently validated this trend in the Paris fashion week’s super market themed show (which looked absolutely amazing). So if Chanel is endorsing a trend I have to talk abut it right?



Personally I’ve always been a fan of sneakers of any kind with most any look. In fact I wore white high tops with a pretty Betsy Johnson dress to my prom, but that’s not the point. The point is I’ve been seeing sneakers everywhere lately and this sporty chic trend is trend is taking off. And I don’t mean just the keds or converse look I mean full on meant for running and working out sneakers. I’ve been really inspired lately by Leandra Medine not only is Man Repeller one of my favourite books/ blogs of all time and I slightly worship the ground she works on *fan girl moment over* but her style is so unique I can’t help but admire it day after day.




Her rough cut jeans and going out tops paired with her Superga sneakers (whom she did a collaboration with) is a look to be admired. Not many people can be this bold. I got on board with the sneaker wedge trend a few years ago and while some may hate it I still enjoy it. It’s a way to be funky, edgy, and comfortable all at the same time which I think is a pretty good combination. Another favorite of mine is Chiara Ferragni aka The Blonde Salad who came out with her own shoe line and im obsessed with the unique slip on sneakers she comes out with. If her line is a little to pricey for you she recently came out with a collaboration with Steve Madden that I also love.




Even aritzia, and The Hudsons Bay have started carrying the Nike free runs and New Balance sneakers so if your looking for cute unique pairs I would check there as well. If you’re unsure about the trend I’m sure you have a pair of sneakers that you were forced to buy for high school gym class laying around your house somewhere that you can shake the dust off of and bring new life to.

I don’t think this trend will be one to stick around for very long, and while its something I think everyone call pull off I’m not sure that many would be willing to try. Nonetheless I love it and can’t think of a better way to stay comfortable while looking chic.

Would you pair your trainers with an outfit for a chic and sporty look? If so how would you style them? I’m always looking for inspiration so please let me know



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