Whats In My Bag

These are my favorite posts to read partly because I’m nosy and also because I just really love bags. But as usual I can’t pick just one thing to feature so I’m featuring 3. My Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac, Forever 21 cross body, and Longchamp le Pliage tote.

IMG_5210 IMG_5203 IMG_5212

Obviously I use each bag for different things, the first being my Mini Mac. This is the smallest of the three so only the necessities make it in here, thing that can take me from day to night incase I want to go for drinks or dinner after work I have everything I need with me.

IMG_5213  IMG_5215 IMG_5216 IMG_5217 IMG_5219 IMG_5222  IMG_5224

I carry my favorite lip products, Sugar lip balm, eos lip balm, NYX butter gloss in Vanilla Cream Pie which is my holy grail lip gloss. It adds enough color to bring life to your face but isn’t sticky which many lip glosses can be. An OCC lip tar if I want a light long lasting lip color, and my YSL Glossy Stain for a darker long lasting lip color. A pen and a tampon are obvious musts, as well as my wallet, iphone and keys. I love this Fossil wallet because it’s the only thing that’s a decent size but will still fit in my Mini Mc and if you have one of these bags you know this can be a challenge. Next are a pair of glasses and contact case, I never know if I’m gonna be staying at my boyfriends or friends place after a night out and since I’m bling as a bat this is a necessity.

IMG_5226 IMG_5228 IMG_5235

There are a few extra things I can add to my bag if I’m carrying my Forever 21 cross body. I bought this bag almost 3 years ago and its still in great condition. It has tons of pockets and zippers on each side that allow it to be expanded. I usually use this on super casual days or when I’m working a promo job because I like having extra things with me. To my necessities I add my planner because If I get asked to work an extra shift I need to know what my schedules like and I’m not a fan of keeping everything in my phone. Depending on the season I’ll either have an umbrella and gloves or a camera. Vancouver’s weather is notoriously unpredictable so you need these items on you at all times. I especially love these Kate Spade gloves not only because they are adorable and have a built in accessory (that adorable ring) but they’re smart phone compatible. And I like carrying a camera around in the summer because I like taking pictures of the little adventures my friends and I go on.

I use my Le Pliage tote for school and bring almost everything mentioned above plus a laptop and whichever notebooks I need that day. Yes this bag can really hold that much stuff. Sometimes I’ll even throw in a change of clothes and makeup bag if I’m going straight to a friends place from class to get ready for a night out.

I hope you enjoyed this post and liked snooping through my bags, and seeing how I transition each one. Let me know what bag you carry and your necessities!

Song of the day “A thousand years” Christine Perri



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