I can without a doubt call myself a shopaholic. I love clothes, and changing up my style and will find any excuse to justify buying something. I’m almost embarrassing about how good I am at shopping… Almost.  It’s even harder to control my addiction now because online stores are so easily accessible, I can buy a dress at 3 am if I want to! That’s definitely a luxury my mom didn’t have when she was my age. But with all the temptation of online shopping I’ve had to teach myself to be a smart shopper and hope you find these tips and tricks helpful. This is a two part post so be sure to tune in next time and see my thoughts on in store shopping

Tip #1: Read reviews

This especially goes for beauty products! There are reviews for everything now a days, all you have to do is type in the product name and review on Google and you will find YouTube videos, blog posts, and reviews on the actual website about whichever product it is that your looking for. It’s also worth reading the reviews on clothes because sometimes the sizing is weird so let other people be the guinea pig for you, that way you aren’t stuck with the wrong size and then have to return it. Or worse miss the return date and are then stuck with a garment you love but cant wear.

Tip #2: Check other websites

Unless a website specifically says the item is exclusive to them, you might be able to find it somewhere else. This is easiest to do with shoes. The fastest way I find if a shoe or bag is sold somewhere else is to look it up the picture of the item on Google image. From there it will show you every website that has a photo of the shoes and you can pick from the site with the best price.

Tip 3: Search for coupon codes

9/10 times when I’m about to checkout from my online purchase I’ll search up to see if there’s a coupon code and there usually is. It may not be for much but free shopping or 10% off is better than nothing!

Tip 4: sign up for newsletters

I know this can be annoying and sometimes companies send out waaaaaaay too many emails but trust me its worth it. This ensures you know exactly what the promo’s are and when sales are happening. I suggest making a separate email for all the companies so it’s easy to filter through them and they wont overcrowd your important emails. A great website to shop from is they have new adorable stuff every day, free worldwide shipping on no minimum orders and are always having a sale in fact you can use this link for 50% off your first order. So what are you still doing here, go shop!

I hope you found this helpful and be sure to check in Wednesday for  Part 2 of this series!

Where are your favorite places to shop online? I would love to know 🙂

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