As I mentioned in my last post I have an addiction to shopping that spans from online to of course the old school in store ways. I love going into a store and seeing the new trends and the beautiful window displays. I don’t even want to know how much money I could spend in a store if I had an unlimited budget although I would really like to find out. But being a broke university student I’ve had to learn what’s worth spending the money on and whens it’s time to put something down and walk away.

I know you can get that urge to buy everything you see when you’re out and about but sometimes a product just isn’t worth picking up. Just ask the velvet mustard color top from urban outfitters I bought 2 years ago that hangs out in the back of my closet with the tags still attached.

 Tip 1: When it’s worth buying

If it’s a classic piece you know you can wear for years. Even if it’s a cheap clutch, do you like the shape? Can you wear it many times with several outfits? If you answered yes to these then get that clutch girl! I’m a firm believer in investing money in classic styles and colors. You may love pink now but is it worth buying that Chanel bag in hot pink when chances are you may hate it in a few years? I say no way Jose.

Tip 2: invest in staples

Is it something you can wear all the time, or a transition piece that can be used for day to night? Again I say go for it. Examples of prices like this are a good leather jacket or an ankle bootie, there are endless possibilities on how to style basic pieces that are totally worth investing in. This can be different for everyone maybe you will wear red disco pants several times a week and style them a thousand different ways, if its something you really love and know you will get use out of buy it.

Tip 3: Don’t get sucked into trends

I love trends as much as the next girl, but I find that usually it’s not worth spending a ton of money on. Is it a super fun, trendy for right now piece like a pattern jumpsuit? And you love the designer version skip it, don’t waste your money on items that will probably be out of style in a few months and that you can only wear a few times. I’m a believer in dividing the cost of the item by how many times you will wear it to see what it’s really worth. If the jumpsuit is $200 and your probably only going to wear it once or twice think long and hard about it. Chances are it’ll get funneled down into the high street stores and you can get it from forever 21 for a quarter the price.

Tip 4: Buying things on sale

When things have been marked down it’s like something comes over me, screaming it’s on sake it’s worth it! But another rule to keep in mind is if you don’t want it when it is full price, you don’t need it when it is half price! If your only getting it cause it’s kind of cute but on sale it’s a no go. It’ll end up sitting at the bottom of your drawers and end up being a waste of money! That’s money you could have used for those classic Monolo flats you’ve been eyeing.

Tip 5: Know your sales

Another thing to look out for is knowing when the sales are. Ask the store associates if they have a sale coming up. Also ask them what the return policy and price adjustment policies are. The Hudsons Bay is know for having amazing sales, if there’s a Rachel Roy top you’ve been eyeing and know a sales coming up next week buy the top! I know it’s a hassle but you can go back the next week and get a price adjustment. This way you’re sure to get the right size, and get the sale, I call that a win. Also if it’s past the price adjustment stage if you have the tags and receipt some stores will let you return and re buy that way you’re still getting your deal.


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