To make you happy!

unlike the rest of the world (according to my facebook and twitter time lines) I do not hate mondays. But dont worry its not because im some super energetic happy person 24/7. It’s because I havent have class or work on mondays all semester giving me an extened weekend.

But this past week and upcoming week are what i reffer to as hell. The last weeks of classes before finals where everything is due within days of eachother, I mean it’s terrible. Truly terrible. So today im here to share a few things that make me happy, that will hopefully make you happy and help you get through whatever it is you have this week. Even if its just relaxing on the beach.. but in that case I don’t like you very much right now.

The first thing that makes me stupidly happy is Pharrell’s song rightfully entitled “happy” i dont know what it is but no matter how many times i hear it, it makes me want to get up and dance. something i thought was pretty cool that you might not know about is the 24 hour long music video done for this song that can be found herehere. i highly suggest checking it out (maybe not for the full 24 hours i mean we’ve got things to do).

Next are puppies. here are some adorable photos of puppies





I threw in that photo of a baby dressed as a penguin cause it was too cute not to include.

and last is tea. my favorite tea tight now is mint coco rooibos from Davids tea found here, to be drank out of this mug, also from davids tea. It’s huge and helps me get through paper writing so you should probably get one too.

There it is 3 things that make me happy even in the most stressful situations. I also suggest shopping and whiskey for weekend celebrations.

what are some of your go to things for instant happiness. let me know in the comments!

song of the day ‘Happy” … obviously

Xo C


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