Life Updates: Exciting News!

This past week has been a busy, but very exciting and happy one. I have never done a personal post before but i figured all this news was to good to keep to myself.

The first piece of news is about my internship! I recently received an PR internship with an online lingerie subscription service Panty by Post. I was notified that I had gotten the internship about a month about but because of scheduling conflicts I wasn’t able to start it until this week. I will be writing blog posts for their blog the panty rant , and helping out with their twitter, instagram, and what ever else my boss needs help with. I’m so excited about this because it’s a hands on feel for public relations and writing which is exactly what I want to do with my life. Make sure you follow those platforms to see what i’m up to, especially Instagram if you love cute high quality lingerie and don’t forget to check out their website!


The second piece of news is that I was accepted into the bachelor of communication studies program at my school! As many of you know it’s extremely difficult to figure out what you want to do with your life or what you want to study. For the past 3 years I didn’t have much direction in what I was doing in school. I went university  thinking I was going to come out a teacher but after being a teachers assistant at an elementary school for 2 years I quickly found out that it wasn’t for me. I continued my studies in hopes that i would eventually figure it out and luckily I have. I’m so excited for next year knowing what my end game is and being excited to study things i actually care about.

More on the topic of blogging, something exciting that happened to me this week was i reached 150 followers on bloglovin’ YAY


This is my final week of classes and i’m currently writing this post while bored out of my mind in class (shh dont tell my prof) but this marks the end of my third year and I am so happy it’s over. Just one more week and 2 more finals and it’s officially summer and from here on out if you need me i’ll be in a bikini with a cold one in my hand.

The last and final thing that is SO exciting in my life is I got my licence!! and yes i know this is supposed to be an exciting time in a 17 year olds like and it may be strange I waited until I was 20 but hey i finally made it happen. In high school i was scared shitless of driving, it just utterly freaked me out so i waited until after high school to get my leaners and then waited a year before trying to take my N test for the first time… but I failed. SO 8 long months later i tried again and I passed. I’m so excited that I no longer have to take the bus and i’m already looking for cars so i will keep you updated on what i choose.


Thats it for my life update, I’m not sure if this is of any interest to you guys but I enjoy reading these posts so I thought what better week than now to start. Let me know in the comments if you like life updates, and if you would like to see them more frequently, perhaps i could do them once every other week.

Have a great weekend loves!

Song of the day ” Baby’s on the way” Luke Bryan





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