Spring and Summer Haul

spring and summer haul

I am officially done with school and that means it’s officially summer! Ask any of my friends but I have a terrible habit of clearing out my closet of its winter clothes way to early in the season and investing in new pieces for my summer wardrobe. But I don’t care and I’m gonna keep doing it, because maybe if I dress as though it’s summer Vancouver’s weather will magically change.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I did a deep clean of my closet and got rid of about 5 shopping bags worth of clothes for donation so obviously I have to fill that empty space with new goodies. I used the end of exam season as a reason to celebrate with shopping. In the summer I tend to go for simple easy to wear pieces that can take me from day to night if needed so I love everything I’ve picked out. I know the pyjamas are pretty pricey especially considering they’re from forever 21 but come one.. I had to!

Everything I purchased was from forever21.com and Nasty gal.com. I’ve already received the blue nasty gal dress and it fits like a dream so I’m really excited for my forever 21 order to get here and hope it all fit’s/ is good (as good as forever 21 can be) quality. All items are linked from the original website through polyvore so if you click the big picture at the beginning of the post you can easily find and purchase any item you like 🙂 I suggest you move quickly if there is something you really love because I lost out on a couple great pieces and didn’t even include some of what I got in this haul because you can no longer purchase them, and there is nothing I hate more than seeing something I love but cant buy.

I hope you guys liked this post and like seeing what will be added to my wardrobe. Let me know what piece is your favorite and what you will be adding to your spring wardrobe!

Song of the day “the wire” haim



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