Happy monday everyone,  I hope you’re enjoying this  long weekend filled with family, friends, and chocolate.


If there’s one thing my mom and I do well and absolutely love it’s brunch. I mean 2 meals in one.. It’s amazing. It was just my parents, my brother and I this time around so we kept the food to a minimum. And if you’re confused as to how we thing this is a minimum head to my Instagram page to check out our Christmas brunch spread.

This year I took on the eggs Benny being as it’s a personal favourite of mine and I can’t believe how well it turned out! I used Lo Bosworths tips she included in her past few YouTube videos links here and here and definitely recommend watching these if you’re nervous about poaching eggs for the first time. As you can see it kind of looks like a disaster in the pan but they come out beautifully.

IMG_5312 IMG_5309 IMG_5308 IMG_5310 IMG_5315 IMG_5313 IMG_5307 IMG_5319 IMG_5320 IMG_5322

I hope you all had an amazing Easter Sunday and enjoy your day off tomorrow. I would love to know what your favourite brunch foods are so let me know in the comments!

Song of the day “Crash my party” Luke Bryan



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