Influenster Unboxing Ft. imPRESS Broadway Nails


For the past few moths I have been a part of this is a website where you review products take surveys and in return you can have products sent to you dependent on your social media following. This week I was lucky enough to receive my first influenster box, which happened to contain, two sets of Broadway nails impress press on nail manicure set.


I’ve always loved getting my nails done but sometimes it can be way too costly and that’s when alternatives like this are amazing all you have to do is find the right size for your nail and then peel off the sticker and go. I’ve worn these to work many times and they’ve lasted me just up to a week, but it does help to have nail glue incase one falls off. This YouTube videos shows just how easy the product is to use.

I love how I received two different sets so I can use the pink as my all over color and the lace as an accent nail. This is also perfect if you’re someone just getting into fake nails or want sometime special for an event like prom, a wedding, or dance. A friend of mine at work wears these all the time and also gets a ton of compliments on them so I truly believe in this product and think it’s a great buy.

Have you guys ever used imPRESS broadway nails or any other type of press on nail? If so let me know in the comments. If you would like to try out Influenster and have the possibility of receiving a box of your own comment your email and I will send you a personal invite 🙂

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Song of the day “sand I brought to the beach” Luke Bryan



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