Satnightalrite aka Karissa Pukas Meet Up

This past Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Karissa Pukas, or as some of you may know her better, satnightalrite. My friend Cassie and I decided we would brave the downtown traffic and try and drive but boy what a mistake that was LOL. After almost going up one way streets taking the wrong exits and dealing with the crazy people that jump out in the streets (yes this is common for Vancouver) we finally made it. So I wanted to share my expirience from the day as well as a few photos that we took!

Her meet up was at one of my favourite spots in the city, English bay. The laughing statuses always make me so happy and it was the perfect place for karissa to hold her meetup being that she’s such a happy, free spirited, and loving girl.



I’ve always been nervous to go to meet ups and I have never been to one before but I am SO happy that we went to this one. Karissa was incredibly nice and made an effort to hug, take photos, and have a laugh with each and every one of us. She gave Cassie and I such genuine and great advice about starting a channel and blogging and we appreciated it so much!


If you’re ever in an area or near somewhere she is having a meetup I 100% suggest you go. She is honestly one of the nicest individuals I have ever met!

Karissa if you’re reading this thanks again for the great day and I hope when you and glen move back to Vancouver or visit back soon so that you will host another one!



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