Garnier Color Shield Review

I have recently had the pleasure to work the the influencer team again but this time with garnier! I was sent 3 full size products from their colour shield line and I’m happy to say I love them all. I Have been dying my hair since the age of 13 and I always have problems with getting the colour to last and stay vibrant but this has really helped.


I’ve waited a few weeks to write this post because I wanted to try out the products for as long as I could before writing the review. After using it a few times multiple people came up to me and asked me if I have gotten my hair done or if I changed something about it.

This is the perfect line for someone like me with ombrΓ© hair because the colour protect shampoos and conditioner endures that your base colour won’t fade over time and the blonde conditioning treatment endures that your blonde will stay brass free.



I’m personally a sucker for the Kevin Murphy blonde angel shampoo which I use as a shampoo and toning treatment every so often and while I have to say that the Kevin Murphy works better as a toning treatment than the garnier product it’s still a great alternative to have. I found that the garnier product keeps my hair from getting brassy while the Kevin Murphy actually changes the tone of blonde. Since the garnier products are so much more affordable and readily available it’s definitely a great option. Another garnier product that’s I’ve been obsessed with for years is their due tangling spray! It’s my after shower saviour and had really helped with breakage which in turn has been helping my hair grow long and healthy.



A few things I love snout these products is a small yet important detail to me which is the packaging. Because I typically wear glasses and obviously can’t wear them in the shower this makes things difficult. I don’t even wanna admit the amount of times I’ve grabbed conditioner instead of shampoo and only realized it once it was in my hand. Because of the design if these bottles and the shampoo lid being on the top and the conditioner being in the bottom thus makes for a happy Carissa and a lot less wasted product.

Overall I think the color shield line is fantastic and would re purchase or recommend to a friend!

What’s your go to shampoo and conditioner? Let me know in the comments


*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


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