Last week I was swept away into what felt like different world and was taken on a trip to the sunshine coast with free people. It’s hard to believe that a place so beautiful is only a few hours away from Vancouver. Since Free People is heading west with the opening of their second Vancouver store October 9th, they decided to have an FP Me event to show off the beauty of BC. Bloggers gathered at the Rockwater Secret Cove resort for a beautiful getaway. Not only am I lucky enough to work for this incredible brand but also had the chance to join in on this trip.

Photo 2014-09-16, 10 12 41 AM Photo 2014-09-16, 10 13 34 AM

^ How amazing is this view?!

Photo 2014-09-15, 10 00 59 PM

We had a beautiful set up for our arrival of coxy blankets, snacks, and candles.

Photo 2014-09-15, 10 34 57 PM Photo 2014-09-17, 4 44 33 AM Photo 2014-09-17, 4 47 27 AM Photo 2014-09-17, 4 48 28 AM Photo 2014-09-17, 10 41 20 AM

 Even our rooms were completely transformed and took on the Free People Vibe.

Photo 2014-09-23, 2 59 53 PM Photo 2014-09-16, 11 17 39 AM Photo 2014-09-16, 11 19 13 AM Photo 2012-11-21, 12 19 09 AM

We started the day with a photo shoot by the water and near by trails. We’ve uploaded these pictures to our FP Me accounts which is my new favorite app. FP ME is a section of the free people app that’s basically like instagram but with beautiful fashion photos. You can shop the photos because the girls tag all the clothing they are wearing which make this app very dangerous. Its addicting none the less, I find myself on it daily to find outfit inspiration.

 Photo 2014-09-16, 1 43 54 PM Photo 2014-09-16, 1 44 03 PM

Photo 2012-11-21, 2 39 23 AM Photo 2014-09-16, 2 41 20 PM

Photo 2014-09-16, 1 47 26 PM

 After our photo shoot it was adventure time. We went kayaking to secret cove, which was beautiful, and some of the girls even braved the cold water for a dip. I loved chatting with my kayak buddy Lindsay from Treasures and travels about our dreams to one day own a home on the lake.

Photo 2014-09-16, 4 57 34 PM Photo 2014-09-16, 5 05 03 PM Photo 2014-09-16, 4 57 57 PM

Kayaking was followed with sunset yoga and of course free people had to put their touch on everything with this beautiful arch. This photo is of kate from Bullet with Butterfly Wings  looking stunning in dancers pose.

Photo 2014-09-23, 3 00 05 PM Photo 2012-11-21, 8 52 05 AM Photo 2014-09-16, 7 34 18 PM Photo 2014-09-17, 7 40 25 AM Photo 2014-09-17, 7 44 08 AM Photo 2014-09-17, 9 44 06 AM Photo 2014-09-17, 10 04 09 AM Photo 2014-09-17, 9 41 40 AM

After yoga we had one of the best and most beautiful dinners I’ve had the chance to experience. The patio was lined with lights and the table with driftwood, shells, and hand painted rocks, and the inside was the definition of cozy cabin chic.

The next day we went on a hike, packed up our bags, and hoped on the ferry back to Vancouver. I had such a great time on this trip and meeting all these amazing women was the cherry on top of the weekend. I’ll end this post with one last big thank you to Free People for making this trip possible and wishing you all a happy weekend!


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