Bernard Noir Chocolate Boutique & Patisserie

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This week I had the pleasure of going go Bernard Noir Chocolate Boutique to try out some of their most popular items. I had the chance to chat with the owner of the shop, Bernard and learn a little about him and his new store. He admitted to knowing nothing about cooking or baking so he leaves that up to his trusty wife Yutta, who does an amazing job at it by the way!

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The boutique not only carries desserts but a great lunch special as well. They have a soup and sandwich combo for only $9.50. For lunch I had the chicken Waldorf with tomato soup and it was delicious. The soup was so creamy and one of the best I’ve ever had. But the real treat came when it was time for dessert.

I tried the raspberry and salted caramel macarons and they were some of the best I’ve ever had. The cookie portion was soft but not too chewy, and the filling was smooth and delicious. I had an assortment of chocolates of all 4 brands all of which I loved. My favourite was the Bernard Noir chocolate and orange chocolate. The shop was filled with holiday goodies that instantly make you feel the christmas spirit.

IMG_5421 IMG_5422 IMG_5423

Their shop focus on chocolates and desserts with a mixture of their own brand, and 3 imported brands which you can’t find anywhere else in the city. They have an endless selection of European desserts starting with their apple cakes, German cupcakes, and authentic Belgian waffles. They even imported their waffle maker from Belgium to ensure it would be of the highest quality. They also have an array of chocolate boxes in that range in size from 3-150 in which you can get a mixture of all 4 brands that they carry in house.

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My favourite part about this shop is besides the fact that everything is delicious it’s all organic and made in house. Everything is organic, made with real cane or coconut palm sugar, with no food colouring, preservatives, or added flavouring. Overall I love this shop so much and can’t wait to go back for some hot chocolate and treats.


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