Holiday Gift Guide: For him

gift guide for him

I always find that shopping for my boyfriend, dad, or brother is the hardest shopping I do all Christmas season. It’s easy to just get men some clothes and call it a day, but I wanted to include a few fun things that I think they would really enjoy. The waterproof speaker is perfect for the guy who likes to sing in the shower or loves the beach. The Arthur George socks are a personal favourite of mine as I love wearing and giving silly socks to my boyfriend. The Ipad mini is perfect for any techy guy and the Tile Bluetooth tracking device is a lifesaver for the guy who can never seem to find is wallet, phone, and keys.

I hope this gift guide gave you some last minute inspiration or can help you out with any shopping for men you have to do in the future.

Let me know what your favorite item on this list was in the comments below!


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