Like I mentioned in my last post that was also V Day themed (check it out here!) I mentioned how much I love Valentines Day. I wanted to add something cute and simple to my house to my house to make it a little more festive. I had so many gift bags from Free People laying around my house from the holidays so I knew I wanted to repurpose those and incorporate them into a DIY. That’s when I thought of cutting them up and using them to make this super easy garland! Its honestly one of the easiest things to make and you can customize it to any time of the year or match any room

Here’s what you’ll need:

IMG_5537 IMG_5538


How amazing is the pattern of this fabric?! ^


Fabric – in my case a Free People holiday gift bag

A template for the little banners – mine was 7.5 inches long 3.5 inches wide with a 1 inch fold and 2 inch indent but feel free to make your what ever size you like

Red white and pink paint

Hot glue

Paint sponges

Twine in red and brown

Heart and letter stencils (not pictured, I just made mine with regular printer paper)

How to:


  1. Cut your fabric to the shape of your banner stencil in as many pieces as you want to use. I made 15.
  2. Place your heart and letter stencils down and sponge paint around it in an ombre pattern
  3. Measure and cut your twine
  4. Place your twine in the crease of your 1 inch flap and secure with hot glue
    • I liked my flap hanging over the front and loose but you could also glue it down flat
  5. Once everything is glued down hang your banner wherever you please, I chose over the fireplace in the main family room in my house.


I hope you enjoyed this post and super easy DIY! Let me know if you like this and if you end up making it be sure to comment a link to it below and post and tag me on social media with the hashtag #VDayWithCE


  1. Lovely idea! I also like how these garlands can be customised to whatever you like from birthdays to Easter or even Christmas decor 🙂


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