For the past few years I’ve had quite the strange obsession…. Vintage caravans. I grew up going camping with my family and have always loved it. Even though there was way too many of us shoved into a trailer it was always such a fun time. Over the last few years I’ve seen more and more vintage caravans popping up and am so in love with them, I mean is there anything cuter than the little pastel caravan with floral interior!? I don’t think so. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed these photos and as always be sure to follow me on Pinterest to see all my favourites daily. Be sure to comment below with your favourite photo and thoughts on vintage caravans! 

19 thoughts on “WEEKLY INSPIRATION 03.05.15 // VINTAGE CARAVAN

  1. love this look too and the staging makes them so homie and comfortable ( you have to pack it all away to actually travel but it looks amazing)


  2. Love these…puts me in mind of one of my favorite movies growing up called “The Long Long Trailer”, with Lucille Ball


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