Today I’m talking to you about Loreal Fiberology shampoo, conditioner, and booster. Loreal says they have been working on this technology for over 17 years and it’s supposed to make your hair look and feel thicker after just one wash.

Unfortunately I didn’t like this shampoo set. I found that it didn’t make my hair thicker or more voluminous but actually left my hair with a strange texture. While the shampoo didn’t thicken it was extremely nourishing, which is where I think the strange texture came from. My hair has always had a bit of body and bounce but it was never thick which is why I wanted to try this. Since using it my hair has been flat, more greasy, and overall limp. I had such high hopes for this product and I hate that it’s changed the texture of my hair for the worse.
That being said, while this didn’t work for me my friend absolutely loves it. When I saw her at dinner I noticed her hair looked thinker and healthier and she told me the only thing she changed was using the Loreal shampoo which is awesome! I’m so happy I can pass along my bottles to her so she can continue using them and seeing great results. 
Have you guys used this shampoo or conditioner? Let me know what you think of this line in the comments below! 
*this product was sent to me for review purposes from Loreal via Influenster 


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