Ariana Grande Hair:How to Get the Perfect Half Pony!


I, like most people love Ariana Grande’s signature half pony tail but every time I tried it I would just end up looking silly, and would end up throwing my hair up in a bun and giving up. Through some major trial and error I’ve figured out exactly what I need to do to get the perfect half pony for my hair type. My hair is pretty thin but I have a lot of it, so it tends to get tangled pretty quickly so I love that this style keeps my hair out of my face and helps to keep my hair from getting knotted.


My first tip is to backcomb a small section your hair as if you were going to be doing the signature 2008 snooki poof.


The next step is to section off the hair that you want in the pony. I section off the part’s by drawing a line back from my eye brow to my crown using a rat tail comb.


Next I grab just the top section of hair and set the pony quite high on the top of my head. This allows you to use less hair making the bottom half appear fuller.

^major hair tie fail ^

Once I have the pony mapped out where I like it, I secure it with a hair tie. I had just gotten a new pack of clear elastics and these were so tight I could barely get them to wrap around the hair… #fail. I resorted to my tried and tru hot pink eleastics and covered it by wrapping a small section of hair from under the pony around the elastic and secured it with a boby pin in the back


If i feel like my hair needs a boost i will then curl the ends of my hair to make them look fuller, and that’s it! This takes me less than 10 mins and always love the way it turns out.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post , comment below if you would wear this hair style and if you try it out please share it with me on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) I love seeing how you guys adapt my tutorials 🙂



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