Holiday Gift Guide for Mom!

holiday gift guide for mom


I love shopping for my mom, since we’re so much alike it’s easy to find things i know she’ll love. This year i’ve included a few of our favourite things that i think any mom would love to get!
  1. Le Crucet Pot: My mom Loves Le Crucet and basically has an entire collection but it’s nice to get her the few pieces she does’t have!
  2. Tiffany Initial Necklace: I love these necklaces, I have one and so does my mom! I think it would be a really cute idea to get the necklace with your and your siblings initials.
  3. Home Spa Day Kit: days at the spa are amazing, but they can be soo pricey! This kit is a great alternative to an expensive spa day.
  4. Marble Cutting Board: My mom and I love making cheese platters and displaying desserts, this marble cutting board is amazing for both those things!
  5. Kate Spade Planner: Planners are a necessity in my moms life, and mine for that matter! Kate Spades are so cute and functional it’s hard to resist them
  6. Links of London Charm Bracelet: Charm bracelets are such a great gift because you can keep adding on to them year after year!
  7. Longchamp Tote: This is another favorite in my house, I have had one for years, and my mom has been so jealous of it so I finally got her one for her birthday this summer and i swear she has used it almost every day since! It’s such an amazing bag for running around and traveling… I dont know what I would do without mine!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it gives you some ideas for your mom or anyone in your life! Let me know in the comments what your favourite gift you’ve received is or what you want this holiday season!


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