To celebrate my friend Miranda’s 25th Birthday we decided we wanted to have a picnic as part of our weekend getaway in Whistler, but in typical Vancouver fashion the weather had different plans for us. It honestly worked out for the best because we ended up having the picnic when we came home at a local park and it was so much fun! It was such a great way to get out in the middle of a work week, and spend some time together. We are definitely going to start making this a more regular thing and I suggest you all try it out!


Now being as extra as we are, we wanted to have a bohemian style picnic. This meant lots textured throw blankets, towels and pillows. As for the food, we wanted everything to be easy to make (or just buy) and that was packable so we wouldn’t have to worry about it being too perfect. I’m going to be sharing some of our inspirations, what we packed, and the items we brought to give it that boho feel.

PSA: NONE of this is actually necessary for a great picnic. The most important thing is just getting outside and spending time with your friends over some snacks and a great bottle of wine, but why not go the extra step and make it aesthetically pleasing if you can?


The Menu:

Like I mentioned above, we wanted everything to be super easy to make or could be picked up from the grocery store and could be transported easily. Little snacks with a mix of sweet and salty elements make for the perfect picnic menu. We brought a charcuterie board, cookies, chicago mix popcorn, and an asian potluck salad. The most necessary item for a girls night picnic is a great glass of wine. I was lucky enough to be sent a case of wine from Unreserved Wines and everyone loved it! I love how with Unreserved there are just two choices, a smooth white and a smooth red… totally takes the guess work out of picking a wine and is way less pretentious.


The items:

We brought a mexican throw blanket (Love the pop of colour this brought), a roundie towel from The Beach People, a Corksicle to keep our wine at the perfect temp, stemless wine glasses, and a few beach bags that I picked up in Bali to cart everything around.

I hope you all liked this post and that it inspires you to get outdoors and spend some time with your friends! Let me know in the comments what your must have picnic items are and what you would have brought with you!

*Wine was provided by Unreserved Wines for promotional purposes*

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