Koh Tao was an absolute dream. It’s without a doubt my favourite island that we visited and while it’s really small, I could have probably spent a few weeks there. We stayed in Sairee and everything was about a 15 min walk from each other. I loved the mix of street food, cafes, and nice beach front restaurants. It felt like there’s really something for everyone here. Our days were filled with swimming, tanning, eating spicy thai peanuts from 7-Eleven (get them they’re amazing) and eating as many fruit smoothies as we could.


We stayed at Sairee Guest house and we found it to be the perfect location. It was just far enough off the main strip so that we couldn’t hear any partying all the way into the morning, but close enough that nothing was more than a 10 min walk away. Just be warned that the staff is SO disorganized. They couldn’t find our reservation, put us in the wrong room, didn’t want to give me back our deposit, and we’re just all around pretty annoying. There are tons of hotels in this area, so if they aren’t all booked up I would probably give a different one a try.

Other options that we’ve had friends stay at or had people recommend are

Goodtime beach hostel

Baans Diving Resort



Pub crawl – The Koh Tao pub crawl was insanely fun. For about 400 Baht they bring you to 3 bars, a lady boy show, they give you a t shirt, as well as a free bucket and a free shot. It’s a really great place to meet people and we actually spent the next 3 days with girls we met on the pub crawl and still chat with them via social media now and again!

Snorkelling/ Diving + Get your open water PADI – While I didn’t do this while I was there, Koh Tao is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your PADI. The two girls we met got theirs through Bans diving resort and they said it was great experience. You can get a snorkel from any little shop and take it out into the ocean and it’s such a great way to spend parts of your afternoon.

Hang out at the beach – Literally all I wanted to do every day was to just grab lunch and chill at the beach lol it’s so beautiful and when else in your life are you going to get the opportunities to just veg out and take in the amazing views.


Food stand outside the 7-Eleven thats up the street from the Aussie Bar. For your sake, I hope this one is still there. They make the best mango banana smoothies that we had  for breakfast every day and then fried chicken on rice for lunch. They also had pad thai (obviously) that my girlfriend had every day and loved, but once I had the chicken with spicy sauce I was hooked.

Vegtabowl – A vegetarian spot located just a few minutes off the beach, this spot had delicious healthy food that was a nice little break from all the Thai. try the banana smoothie, quesadilla, and any desert!

Blue Water Cafe – This was a really fun and beautiful spot. They have seating on the beach, and upstairs and a main floor section and each area was a little different of a vibe but so fun. We ate here a few times and would recommend this if you’re looking for a bit nicer of a spot and looking to change it up from street vendors. Try the falafel salad with a Chang.

Cafe Culture – This was such a fun spot! It’s right on the beach and everything was amazing. Try any of their sweets, ice coffee, and all the sandwiches looked delish. I loved how this was at a bit of a quieter end of the beach, so you can hang out and relax and pop inside for some refreshments.

Lotus Bar – A spot where the food is as good as the nightlife. Head to Lotus bar any time of the day and you won’t be disappointed. P.s they also have wifi that reaches the beach, so if you wanna chat with a loved one while still working on your tan, this is the place to do it.


I hope you liked the Koh Tao blog post! If you have any questions about Koh Tao, or think there was something I missed on this list leave it in the comments below so I can add it for all future travellers!

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