Welcome to the Friday Five. This is where I can share anything and everything that I’ve been loving lately. Expect things like links to my favourite recipes, workout classes, makeup products, bloggers, podcasts and more. This week is a little bit of a travel edition as everything was based off of things I found, used, or bought for my recent trip. 



The Sinner

  • I watched this while traveling over Christmas since apparently the entire country of Ireland shuts down for the 24th-27th. I had some time on my hands but ended up bingeing it in a day and a half. It’s not because I was bored and there was nothing to do. It’s because it’s that good. I still think about the episodes and how everything unravels, and and am currently offering to re watch it with any and all of my friends.


Pixie Hydrating Milky Spray

  • I am constantly hearing people talk about their glow tonic, or glow spray but I haven’t heard someone mention this hydrating milky spray. I use it as a primer and my skin has never looked better while wearing makeup. The hyaluronic acid in this locks in moisture and makes makeup apply like a dream. Note: do not use this as a setting spray as it almost breaks up the makeup, use it after moisturizer or as a primer before your makeup and you’re good to go.



  • Dear Primark, consider this my official petition for you to bring your stores to Canada… specifically Vancouver. I fell in love with Primark the second I walked in. Everything is so cute and affordable and I wish I had brought back a second suitcase filled to the brim with their goodies. I especially love their workout gear. It’s great quality with simple trendy designs.


Ouai Wave Spray

  • I’ve tried a lot of wave sprays over the years and this is definitely the best of the best. It adds texture, wave, and smells amazing. It doesn’t feel sticky or heavy in your hair and is a total game changer in my day to day. I use it when i’m trying to bring out my natural waves while it air dries, to refresh my waves with a bit of water and a spritz of this, or to add texture and a messy vibe once i’m done curling my hair.


WeHeardWhat?! Podcast

  • This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What opens up about her life, her friends, and her business. It’s a candid look at the behind the scenes of a major blogger with interviews of influential women that you probably have a girl crush on. Hello Jen Atkin and Melissa Wood, i’m looking at you. I’ve always loved Danielle’s transparency when it comes to the back end of blogging as well as running your own business (did you know she’s under the age of 25 with 3 successful businesses under her belt #goals)  and have probably read and watched  every interview she’s done, so when i heard she was starting a podcast I instantly subscribed.


That’s it for this week’s Friday Five, if you have suggestions of things I should check out please leave them in the comments below! Happy weekend

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