This weeks Friday Five a roundup of thing’s I’ve been loving lately from beauty, to books, and my go to beauty products. If you love anything on this list or if you think there is something I should be checking out leave me a comment below. If it makes a future Friday Five i’ll link your socials on the post, as well as a bit about why you love it! Happy weekend xo

Glossier Haloscope

  • I got this on a whim when testing out glossier’s products have haven’t looked back. It gives your skin the most beautiful natural dewy glowy finish that can’t be matched by anything else. I tragically lost this going through airport security in London and didn’t realize it until I got home. I took it as an opportunity to buy another, as well as stock up on other glossier products. While I impatiently waited for my new highlight to arrive, I used powder highlighter from becca, and while they are pretty and great quality they are nowhere near as good or give the same effect that glossier does.


This Is Us

  • Like most people around the world, I’m obsessed with This Is Us. The show is so unique in that you’re following the lives of these characters within three major ages in their lives. Every episode leaves me in tears and wanting more. Sometimes I skip a week or two so I can binge watch them on a Sunday. I sound like a junkie, I know.


Big Magic

  • I read this book as part of Amber Fillerup’s Barefoot Blonde Book Club and have been absolutely loving it. It’s what really inspired me to come back full force with my blog and put my all into it. Especially since my current job has little to no creativity to it it’s been amazing to pour my creative thinking back into something and this book helps you get there.


Moroccan Oil

  • This is one of those products that once I started using it again, I wondered why I ever stopped. A girlfriend from uni unveiled her incredibly long beautiful luscious hair on Instagram and I sent her a text right away that just read, YOUR HAIR! HOW?! As she once had pretty short hair, I was dying to know how she got this head of hair in the last year so she gave me her tips. 1. Never wrap your  hair in a tight pony or bun 2. No heat and 3. Moroccan Oil. needless to say I instantly went out and purchased it again and haven’t looked back. It leaves my hair so shiny and lucious and you only need the smallest amount to get the job done. If this has been pushed to the back of your beauty drawer, i suggest you get it out asap


J Crew Rain Boots

  • I searched high and low for the perfect pair of waterproof chelsea boots and have finally found them at J Crew. I brought these with me on my trip and wore them almost, if not daily. They are so cute, comfortable, and can be dressed up or down. They do run small so I suggest going up a size. I know I will wear these for years to come and I pray J Crew keeps them in stock / makes new versions because I would love them in other colours / textures aka patent please! PS. I also found the Portuguese brand Lemon Jelly makes an identical pair if the J Crew ones are sold out, but these are a tad more expensive, and fit a bit more narrow.

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