Happy 3rd week of Friday 5. As per usual, this weeks five are random things that I’ve been loving in my life. There is really no rhyme or reason to these picks, rather just things that I’ve found myself using all week and love. I hope you enjoy this post. You can find my other Friday Five post’s HERE. Happy weekend, xo.


Milkshake Hair Care 

  • My hairdresser uses their shampoo and conditioner on me and I love it. I’ve never pulled the trigger because of the price tag, but I was gifted some for Christmas and now I’m hooked. It leaves my hair so nourished, silky and soft and has this amazing smell that I just can’t put my finger on. If you’ve been debating picking it up, do it. I use the detangling spray and it works miracles on my fine knotty hair, and when I was blonde I used the toning mousse and it was game changing for taking out golden tones in the hair.


Benefit 3d Brow Highlights

  • This is another brow product i don’t hear people about and i don’t get why! This product came out a few years ago with benefits brow re launch and it went totally under the radar. I love this product for adding definition to my brows and keeping them from looking too drawn on. It adds great lightness and i love the plastic bristle brush to comb out and product that may have built up when filling it in.


Urban Outfitters Soup Mug

  • Random yes, do i love this, also yes. These are individual size portioned soup mugs that are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. They come with a plastic lid for storage and are basically the best thing ever. Do yourself a favour and pick some up, I grabbed four at the last Urban Outfitters 40% off home decor sale.


Enamel Pins

  • I just love enamel pins. They’re such a fun way to add character to a bag or a jacket. I have a little collection going from different etsy shops, my favourite one being this one as Jim dressed as Dwight. They also sell some in packs on amazon that are a lot cheaper than indie brands that sell them for $10.00 each.


Lululemon Backpack

  • This was honestly the best workout investment I’ve made. I use this backpack almost every single day and for good reason. It’s got a compartment on the bottom for your dirty clothes, a hard case built into the top for your glasses, little compartments on the inside, and a section in the back for your laptop. I also love it’s sleek design and don’t feel silly carrying this into the office and then into the gym. P.s I have the large version of this, but I couldn’t find it on the site. 

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