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To be completely honest, there was one reason we came to koh phangan and that was for the Full Moon party. We were just here for a few days and both days had horrible rain storms so we just hung out in the hotel, ate sticky rice with mango, and played games. Luckily the weather cleared up just in time for full moon so we could dance the night away.

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Pens Bungalow – We were only here for a few nights so there isn’t much I can say about this hotel. It had everything we needed close by. A 7-eleven, little shops to pick up neon outfits for full moon, a tiny market with a bunch of food stands, and a restaurant on site and it was literally right on the beach.

The only thing i can say about this hotel was that they were not organized. They had given our room away prior to arrival because they lost our booking information. Normally this probably wouldn’t be an issue and they could just put them in a different room, but because this was full moon, most if not all rooms and hotels were totally sold out.

Luckily we were prepared and had hard copies of all of our booking confirmations and reference numbers. They were able to confirm that the room was ours and we had a place to stay for a few nights. When we got there, the people staying in our room weren’t there but all of their stuff was. They decided the best course of action would be to take out their belongings, and have us place ours in there. This obviously made us nervous because now these people had keys to the room with all of our stuff. We took all of our valuables with us and they dealt with everything and it all worked out in the end. It was just a minor annoyance that we had to deal with, but hey what’s travelling without a few little hiccups along the way.

Overall the staff was amazing. they were so kind, and the food on site was great. They even had a laundry service for about $4 canadian, and to this day I still dream about it lol. For the cost of a grande skinny vanilla latte you can get your entire wardrobe washed, dried, folded and delivered to your door. Also, I don’t know what kind of detergent they use but it smelt like a goddamn dream. One of our friends even asked us to try and find some at a grocery store because when she went she also became obsessed with the scent and how soft it makes your clothes lol


Full moon –  We ended up leaving for Koh Phi Phi the morning after full moon and I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy. We got picked up by our hotel from the full moon at around 4 am, got back to the room with just enough time to close our eyes and get comfortable before our alarms aggressively woke us up at 5:15 to leave for the ferry. The ferry was about a 30-40 min drive from the hotel, which was horrible but also beautiful. Horrible because I was so tired, and quite frankly still drunk, and riding in the back of a pickup truck through windy roads. But incredible because these roads were lined with lush greenery, and we saw the most amazing pink, yellow, blue, and purple sunset i’ve ever seen.. Or maybe that was just the buckets talking.

Once we arrived to the ferry terminal we quickly found out we weren’t alone. Dozens and dozens of people in the exact same situation as us flooded the terminal, laying wherever they could find a spot the floor included, covered in neon paint and buying overpriced fruit, chips, and water from local women. My advice, if you’re going to do this. Hit up a 7-Eleven the day before and stock up on snacks and water OR move your travel day back and spend the entire day in bed nursing your hangover.

Take in a cooking class – if you want to take it easy leading up to the full moon take in a cooking class and — impress your friends back home with your new skills

hai food has got to be one of the best cuisines in the world, and many tourists come here and just eat and eat and eat. But why not take it an extra step, and sign up for one of the island’s numerous cooking classes? Most classes begin with a visit to the local market, and they always end with a tasty meaL

Botanical Garden – we didn’t visit the botanical gardens here, but spent the morning at one in Chiang Mai and it was really something beautiful. This is another fun activity if you’re looking to take it easy but still get out and about. It also makes for stunning backdrops for any insta pics you may wanna take.

Beach – Koh Pha Ngan had probably the most beautiful beach that I saw in thailand. The shoreline stretched uninterrupted for miles, with views of the mountains surrounding you, it was honestly stunning. According to my friend, it was also a great beach for running? (yes she’s that psychopath who works out on vacation). But seriously this view was one that I will never forget.



I really have no interesting food recommendations for this part of the trip. We survived off our go to meal – banana mango smoothies, with a side of spicy Thai mixed nuts. Street food from the tiny market down the street, and eating at the restaurant since we were not willing to venture out in the pouring rain. That being said, as usually if you have any recommendations of places that people have to eat at, please leave them in the comments below!

P.S I apologize for the lack of photos in this post… I literally took 4 pictures on my camera roll from this part of the trip due to the rain and the fact that we literally just went for full moon. I do have more photos archived on my Snapchat from the full moon party but I think I’ll spare you from that disaster lol

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