Happy Friday! This was one of those weeks that seemed to drag on but fly by at the same time. I put up two blog posts today because I was feeling sassy and also wanted to try and break up these Friday Fives on my feed. If you’re interested in what else has been going on on Carissa Emma this week check out my What to Bring to SEA. Since I’ve finished all my Thailand travel guides, I am going to start posting all my Bali guides, so keep an eye out for that over the next few weeks!

This week Friday Fives is as random as usual. The weather in Vancouver has been having been all over the place lately so I’ve been all about easy styles, layers, and being comfy. I’m also including some of my days to day necessities and my favorite luggage company. I hope you all enjoy this post and have an amazing weekend. I’ll see you next week with another Friday Five, and my Gili T Travel Guide.

*please enjoy these incredibly old photos of myself in my blanket scarf *

Aritzia blanket scarf

  • This is a Vancouver gal necessity for a reason. It’s perfect for bundling up and layering in the winter or wearing it with a shirt and this jacket (not in the photos, in those I’m wearing an Aritzia peacoat.. this is a favourite of the past few months) in the spring. Be Careful when washing them because you can shrink them and it will ruin your life. Take this from personal experience, it’s not fun.

Pop Socket / Car Attachment

  • I love my pop socket so much. It’s helpful when reading on your phone, snapping a picture, and the car attachment is game changing if you are directionally challenged like me and are constantly needed google maps to get you around. This is a hands-free godsend that ensures I won’t be receiving a $300+ ticket for holding my phone while driving.

Matcha Tea

  • I use to love matcha and then somewhere along the way we fell apart. Not anymore, we are back together and loving every second of it.

Herschel Luggage

  • I can’t say enough good things about Herschel luggage. It’s sleek in design, lightweight, great quality, and they are a local Vancouver company. I have the carry on luggage in white, and the large trade show luggage in black and absolutely love them.

Barefoot Blonde Hair

  • Amber Fillerup is on everyone’s hair goals list, and if she’s not on yours that must mean you’ve never been to her blog or seen her insta (have you been living under a rock?!). She and her husband David have created a line of hair extensions and I wear them constantly. When I travel I wear them every day, and when I’m back at home I wear them on the weekends when I actually care about my appearance. They are great quality, and I love supporting a small business. I had the shade Sandy Blonde and got them custom dyed when I went dark. I really wish I had just purchased a new pair because they did lose some of their shine after being dyed (totally my fault and not a reflection of their quality, this happens anytime you dye extensions) and it’s on my wishlist for the summer season.

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