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Lotus Trita


Wile in Seminyak stayed at the Lotus Trita resort and It was really perfect for us. My girlfriend has a family friend who lives in Bali part of the year, so we sent him this hotel and once it passed him approval we instantly booked. It’s in a great location, a great price, and breakfast is included daily. The only downside (not even that bad) about this hotel is that the pool is directly in front of the main floor rooms. There is technically no time limit on when the pool closes, but we got complaints made when hanging out around there and having some drinks at night. This could totally vary depending on the crowd at the time, but the people who were staying on the main level we’re having it. There are also a ton of villas and luxe places to stay in Seminyak but we wanted to keep it pretty low key so we could spend more money on shopping and food #priorities.

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Paletas Wey



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Koop Cafe

Koop Cafe – I love this little spot. it’s so cute, and their food is amazing. They roast their own coffee beans, which make a great gift to being home for your family members. Try the crispy cashew chicken salad (this is honestly one of the best salads I’ve ever had) and the granola with house made yogurt with a side of ice coffee.

Nalu Bowls -If you follow the Bali Bible, you’ve probably seen pictures of gorgeous girls sitting outside Nalu Bowls. This place was a nightmare to find, it’s down side streets and windy little pathways but everything here looks unreal. Try the Mavericks bowl, or try one of everything, you won’t be disappointed. ps. They also sell really cute tote bags that you should probably buy, and i just saw on their website they are now selling bowls and spoons, please also get a set in honor of me. pss. They have locations all over Bali, so you may be able to find one in whatever area you’re staying / one that’s not so hard to find.

Bestest Cafe – the tempeh and peanut sauce from here is unreal! We also got a Caesar salad that was to die for

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Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola – This was recommended by a friend, and omg am I happy that she told us about this. This spot is SO much fun. It’s amazing Mexican food and turns into a bar and dancing at night. We absolutely loved it here and spent most of our night just drinking and people watching. At points through the night, staff members run around handing out shots of tequila so you can understand why we didn’t want to leave. Try the chicken confit tacos, tuna sashimi salad, corn dip, and guacamole. Wash it down with a Bintang and this place is heaven.

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Cafe Organic

Cafe Organic – Another Instagram haven, and for good reason. Cafe Organic is so cute, bright, and filled with good vibes. Their food is amazing, and the Vegan Vegetarian, and Raw option are endless. We spent the morning here sipping coffee, chatting, and just relaxing and loved every second. The staff were also the sweetest people ever and asked to take a photo with us, which really made me feel like a celebrity and I loved it. Be warned, some of the cute really Instagram spots may be completely taken over by tourists. We had to wait AN HOUR to even attempt to get in and take a picture on the swing outside. We went to the location in Changuu but they also have one in Seminyak. I feel like they have a seasonal menu, so what I tried may no longer be an option. But if it is, try the corn fritters with poached eggs, soul bow, Bali Monkey smoothie, espresso, iced coffee, and any of the raw desserts from the display case l

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Dusty Cafe 

The Dusty Cafe – This cafe quickly became a favorite spot of ours, the decor is cute, the location is great, and the food is amazing. It’s also right across the street from the single fin shop, which check out my shopping recommendations to see why this is so exciting. Try the caesar salad, avocado tuna stack (get two because you won’t want to share), the tuna salad, and the machine burger.

Sea Circus – Another beloved Instagram spot. Are you starting to see a pattern here? We came into Sea Circus for a midday snack and it was great. The vibe in there was really fun. It’s brightly colored, the outside is decked out with amazing art, and the staff is so friendly. We came in here for s snack break while shopping so we didn’t get any food but everything looked amazing. Try the acai Smoothie and the flat white. The coconut cold brew also looked so good, and the person next to me was having a burrito that i wanted to reach over and steal a bite out of.

Rumours – Steak, pizza, pasta, salads, fish and chips. Whatever you’re craving they’ve got it, and in huge portions. Try the margarita pizza and then fish and chips.

Paletas Wey Popsicles: There is no better way to beat the Bali heat that with a popsicle. We tried a lot, but two brands were standouts. The best are from Paletas Wey. They take popsicles to the next level. They’re just big enough in size, and have simple to really out there flavor combos and I was never disappointed. Honestly these are the best popsicles I’ve ever had. That sounds dramatic but I don’t care. Try the avocado dark chocolate, lime, of the coffee filled with condensed milk — ya it’s as good as it sounds.

As always if you think there’s something I’ve missed in this post please let me know so I can add it and give you credit, and if you have pics even better! I would love to share them in the post! I hope this gives you some ideas of places to check out while in Seminyak and that you have the best time in Bali!


  1. The Motel Mexicola sounds great and looks so instagrammable! Will definitely pop a visit in there. And thanks for recommending the Cafe Organic, I’m a veggie so it’s high on my list. Going there in June so looking forward to visiting these places. Did you visit the Potato Head Club? I’ve heard it’s quite good.


    1. You’re so welcome, I’m happy to help! We LOVED café organic, let me know what you think of it! Potato Head was amazing. It’s a bit pricey, but so pretty inside and the food and drinks are awesome, be sure to get there early to get a bed lounger near the pools. They fill up super fast


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