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Friday Five is back and so is the blog! I hate that I neglect the blog at times. When talking to a friend recently about a trip she’s planning to Indonesia, I realized I had so many travel posts saved from the past few years. This year I’m going to post them all while making more travel guides and diaries for you all. I’m heading on a few fun trips this year including Cuba, LA, and maybe some of the Pacific North West depending on how the summer goes!

I cant wait to document all of this and until then, enjoy this week’s Friday five.

  1. Mad Men – I recently re watched this series and I forgot how great it was! I love a period piece and this just takes you to the 60’s and early 70’s. The show is so entertaining and it has John Ham, so win win.
  2. Cool Whip. I’ve been trying to eat healthy lately because of the two trips I mentioned above along with 2 weddings that I’m in this summer. I always crave something sweet at the end of the night and a little cool whip with fruit or cool whip with some instant pudding mix. It’s not high in calories or WW points, and lets be honestly probably not the healthiest at the end of the day, but it really helps with the cravings!
  3. Sephora Brush No. 55. I got this as a gift when i hit VIB Rouge. Disgusting I know. but i have been loving this for my foundation!
  4. IPad – Once I got a big TV in my room I kind of stopped using my iPad but I’ve started using it again and have fallen back in love! It’s just so convenient to carry around. Eventually I really want to upgrade to the Pro and get the apple pen.
  5. Pinterest – Another thing I use to love but am obsessed with again! I’m moving out in March so this has been a godsend for collecting inspo, and getting my life together. I also LOVE their new feature of being able to categorize boards. It’s game changing. Follow me over there and check out what I’ve been pinning cause it’s been way too often!

That’s it for this Friday Five. I hope you enjoyed it and come back next week where I’m starting to FINALLY share the last bits of my Asia tips / picks.



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