It’s been almost w years since my trip to SEA and I am still finding blog posts in my drafts about this amazing trip. I’m gonna be posting everything over the next few weeks to FINALLY round up this series. Bali is really all about relaxation, taking in the views on the beach, and having fun. Take in the beach clubs, eat the amazing food, and shop till you drop. I’ve listed a few spots below that I think are really worth checking out, but it’s also so much fun to explore the area you’re staying and find the little hidden treasure of Seminyak.


Potato Head Beach Club – This is pretty much a must do when you’re in Seminyak. Get here early to get a bed by the pool and then don’t move all day. This spot is a dream. It’s beautiful, the drinks and food are delicious, and the staff is amazing, and the interiors are stunning. We spent a couple of days here just eating, drinking, napping, and basking in the sun and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You can also just come here for dinner and take in a gorgeous Bali sunset. Try the harissa chicken sandwich, tuna cones, nacho’s, tomato bruschetta, or grab pizza on the upper sunset deck. Drink the red sangria, kookaburra, and the drink that comes in the tiki cup. I can’t remember the name but it was so good!

Mrs. Sippy’s – This spot opened up after our trip but i’ve seen some posts and it looks beautiful and so much fun! You can check out reviews on the location, but I think it would definitely be worth checking out and spending some time here.

Azul beach club – Another beach club we didn’t go to but was on our list. If you check this out let me know how it is!

Spa – There are so many luxury spots through seminyak and it’s definitely a great relaxing way to spend the day.

Blue 9 Beach ( B9B ) – Yet another beach club that was on our list that we didn’t make it too! I hear from people we met there that it’s so much fun here and there are a bunch of bean bag chairs on the beach, great drinks and hookah. You can’t go wrong.

Take a day trip to Canguu: If you’re not planning on staying in Canggu it’s definitely worth taking a day trip here and exploring the area. Your day will be similar to seminyak, filled with beach lounging, eating, drinking, and shopping but there is something so chill and laid back about changuu that you will fall in love with. Honestly if i were to go back to bali, I would probably opt to stay in Canggu with little trips to Seminyak. It’s just a lot more chill and my speed. Some things to see and do in Canggu are listed below.
Old man’s beach club

Finns beach club – super fun chill beach club

The lawn – a beach club

Cafe organic – the best natural eats

Bungalow Living – home decor shop

Panama kitchen and spa

Poke poke- food

I hope you liked this post and found it helpful! There is honestly no shortage of things to do while in Seminyak and you can find something no matter what your speed. If you think of something I should add please let me know so I can add it to the list and give you credit! If you’ve been to Seminyak let me know what your favourite things were, I would love to hear all about your trip!

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