My skin has been an absolute gong show over the past few weeks. I’ve been getting so many breakouts and couldn’t seem to figure out what was causing them or how to stop them. Unfortunately I’m not he kind of person who can just leave my skin alone when it’s freaking out so I started to pick. This obviously made things worse and for the first time I was left with really dark red scars after picking. I have never had this happen before so I was freaking out!

The other night I figured I would try and use my natural products to reduce redness and I was AMAZED with the results. I woke up and the redness was down by about 80% and I feel like If I keep this up for a few more nights the scars will be totally gone. I’ve listed the products that I’ve been using religiously in the order that I use them and hopefully they can help you too!

  1.       Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser – I have talked about this before on the blog but it’s my favorite cleanser. I double cleanse with this, meaning I use it on dry skin first to break down and remove my makeup, and then go in again to really clean my skin. It’s super gentle and find it really gets the job done.


  1.       Herbavore Blue Tansy Mask – I absolutely love this mask. I use it in place of a toner because it has natural AHA’s in it. The reason why I love this is because it’s a gel based mask that dries down but doesn’t dry out your skin. You wash it off using warm water and a washcloth and it removes the mask along with your dead skin. If you’re going to try out one product from this post, I would say give this a go!


  1.       Caudalie facial Spray – this step might be unnecessary for some, but I absolutely love it! I find that it really preps my skin for the moisturizers that follow and I get way better absorption when I use this first!


  1.       Olehenricksen Flow Ceycle Retin-ALT Sleeping Crème – This thick and luscious sleep crème is an all in one perfecting step that uses bakuchiol, a natural retioal. Rerinol’s are used to hydrate, help with fine lines, and what I need it for, dark spots. You can really feel the tingle when you put this on, especially over any spots or troubled areas which I love. I feel like it’s really working and I wake up seeing a difference! Alternatively, if you are looking for something less rich, Olehenricksen also makes a lighter serum version of this product!


  1.       Woodlot Nourishing Facial Oil – I find that even after my spots are going away, they get really dry and flakey through the day. I take 2-3 drops of this oil and press it only in the areas where my acne spots get dry through the day. I found that this helps soooo much with keeping the skin moisturized through the night and into the morning. One of the main ingredients in this product is Rosehip oil which helps to brighten, moisturize, and is antibacterial. I use this very sparingly and only where needed since I do have combo skin!


  1.       Waleda Skin Food – The last and final step in my little routine is adding a few dots of waleda skinfood over my dry spots. I was introduced to this product by Katie Jane Huges, as I’m sure everyone else was! And have falled in love with it. I use a very tiny amount just over my driest areas to help seal in the oil and moisture. This step can be skipped if you find that jus the oil woks for you, but I like having the extra layer of moisture!


I hope you all enjoyed my latest skincare routine and learnt something new. I’ve really been loving this routine over the past week and think it’ll be something I keep up with through the summer! If you have any questions or recommendations, as always please leave them in the comments below.

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