Like I mentioned in my into post to Bali, the shopping here is unreal. There are so many incredible places to shop and check out. I’ve made a list below of smaller independent shops, bigger more well known brands, and chains throughout bali. Let me know what gems you picked up in Seminyak and what your favourite shops are so I can add them to the list!
Bamboo blonde – one of my favourite places to shop! They had such cute stuff and the store was always organized by colour which the organization freak in me really loved. I came back here time after time to pick up cute top, little dresses, and even some home stuff!

The best bikini Shops I found are listed below. If you’re a bikini junkie, this will feel like heaven to you:

Bikini village

Bellakini swim


The Bali Tailor-  I didn’t go here and regret it so much! Do yourself a favour and learn from my mistake. Bring back something custom, or have it shipped to you and have it to remember the trip by. Check out their instagram to see some of their stuff and prepare to fall in love

Gooseberry intimates – what luxury lingerie dreams are made of. Gooseberry’s intimates and swim are beyond sexy. Their price point is high but trust me, it’s so worth it. I have their one piece bikini and I treasure it, it’s my go to piece for when I want to look good and feel confident.

Single fin – Unlike their Uluwatu location, this only has clothing. I Love all of the clothes they carry at single fine, but one brand in particular really stands out and has its own branded section of this store and that’s Faithfull the brand. They make the most perfect beach clothing i’ve ever seen in forgiving silhouettes, great fabrics, and simple prints. I own one dress from them and wish I had a million more!

Religion – this was a really cool spot with some minimalistic edgy pieces. If you’re in the area I would definitely check it out.

Kidsagogo – if you’re looking to bring back gifts for little ones this is a great little shop. My friend brought back outfits for all her god daughters and they were obsessed with the bright pink flamingo patterns and the fun pom pom hair ties.

Coco and ginger – This store wasn’t really for me, but if you’re into bright colours this is your paradise. They made really cute beach coverups, dressed, and accessories all in stark whites and neon hues.

Bali boat shed – This is a must see shopping spot in Bali. They have the best bikini brands which is amazing since no where in north america would have these in stores. To be able to try the teeny tiny aussie styles on was amazing. They also had great clothing. I was particularly partial to the two piece culotte sets which sadly were sold out in my size so my girlfriend got them instead!

Alright you shopaholics, get out there and treat yo selves. If there is a store that you love and think should be on the list, leave it in the comments below! I’ll tag your social handles and include a little bit of why you love it.


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