Welcome to another Just Five Things! As I recently moved out I decided to make this weeks Five all home related. I’m listing 5 things that I’ve been loving that range from low to high end so I hope you enjoy!


  1. Bees Wax Wraps – I have been loving using these in place of saranwrap. They are a much more sustainable option and they honestly keep your food fresher for longer since they allow the food to breathe. You can buy these in sets of 4 for about $20 and I’ve found that I haven’t needed more than this. I also don’t have a ton of food, but these are great for wrapping up produce or covering bowls of leftovers!
  2. Collapsible colander – I feel like a colander is one of those things that you kind of forget to buy when furnishing your first place but it’s obviously so necessary! I found this one from bed bath and beyond. I loved it because it’s collapsible which is perfect for space saving, and it can also be used as a veggie steamer.
  3. Google home – This was a fun purchase that I picked up for my boyfriend for Christmas and we’re really been enjoying it. I love the broadcast feature so I can announce to the house that I’m on my way home as well as the morning and night routine settings. It’s so handy in the mornings to get the weather and commute time so you know how much time you’ve got. We also love it for playing Spotify when we don’t feel like using out blue tooth speakers since we have to adjust the settings on the record player to use them.
  4. Smeg Toaster – This was 100% a totally splurge item and I do not regret it one bit. This is a true Marie Kondo item in that it brings me so much effing joy that I don’t even care about the price tag. Some people might think I’m insane for spending that much on a toaster, but it looks amazing on the counter and it’s probably the first thing every single person that enters the place compliments. It also works really well and I hope to have it for ever ❤

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I can’t wait to start talking more about home décor now that we have our own space to decorate and set up the way we like. I also think I might do another Friday Five that is just home décor items as opposed to functional items! Happy weekend

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