Our first few days in London took a bit of getting use to. Coming from Vancouver where things move a little slower it was a shock seeing the busy beautiful city in action. I’ll never forget the first time we stepped on oxford st. Yes touristy, but incredible beautiful. Bright red double Decker buses line the streets while strings of lights hang between building with more character than I’ve ever seen. It was perfect. I

We stayed in East London, Hackney first and then Shoreditch and it was very much our speed. Cool independent shops lining the streets, cafe’s, and no shortage of pubs. It reminded me a bit of the mount pleasant area back home which is a favorite spot in Vancouver so it’s no wonder I loved it here so much.

London is a HUGE city, and we didn’t see nearly as much of it as I wish we had but below i’m going to break down what we saw, did, ate, and where we stayed. hopefully this helps you when planning your next trip to London.

I’ve decided to split this up into separate blog posts for each section just to make it a bit easier to navigate and break up all the text. Click the links below for each specific category






At the bottom of this post (and each individual post) you’ll also find a custom map that I created on google with all the places we ate, wanted to eat, and the major sights. The best part is it can be used offline so when you’re away you can input your location and it will give you directions on everywhere on the map! I used it quite a bit while I was away and have never seen this on a blog before so I hope you guys love it!

Carissa’s UK Map! 


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