Box Park

– Such a fun spot in Shoreditch. Shipping crates have been repurposed into little shops for jewelry, clothing, stationary (Paper Smith is my new heaven) and of course food. The lower levels are the shops, and up top is the coolest spot for food and drinks. Cuisine from around the world and beer gardens, what could be better.

Oxford St.

– walk around, take in the views it’s amazing here! So much to see and so many places to shop. Must see’s are Liberty, Money, Pixie, and Mango.


– Even if you don’t want to stay in the area, check it out for an afternoon. It’s so much fun. It’s vibrant and eclectic and the streets are lined with pubs, shops, and everything in between. I loved every single second of my time here and would go back in a heartbeat.

High Tea

-Did you even go to London if you didn’t have high tea? Like i mentioned in my Drink / Eat section we had high tea and the Dandelion but there are a million places to try. Do your research and pick what vibe is most appealing to you. Some other high teas on my list were: Sketch London,


Camden Town

-Camden market is a super fun, cool eclectic area. With tons of bars, markets, and areas to shop this will not disappoint. Go into the actual Camden Market (not the little outdoor areas, although they are cool too) and check out the leather shop on the right hand side when you first walk in. We picked up the most amazing leather picture albums and have had so much fun printing out all our photos and putting them into it. Also check out the Read the Label kiosk and pick up their masks. I am in love with the red clay mask. My skin left so soft and looked so clear after. It did noticeably reduce the redness from my acne scars.


Carnaby / Kingly Court

In the SOHO district in London this is a super fun tucked away little are to shop, eat, drink and workout. We just sat Kingly Court with our coffee as a break from shopping and so wish we had time to come back and try out some of the different restaurants.

What to see:

Welcome to the tourist portion of the post. You’re in London, see the touristy things, they’re attractions for a reason.

V& A Museum

The Victoria and Albert museum. Check out the Balenciaga and the winnie the pooh exhibits. And If you’re going in late ‘18. PLEASE check out the new photography section for me.

Natural History Museum

– If it’s winter skate outside, it’s a stunning view of the museum and so much fun! All of their exhibits were so interesting, and luckily

Big Ben

– currently under construction but still fun to be in the area.

Buckingham Palace

– An obvious must see. I didn’t see prince harry so I was immediately disappointed but you win some you lose some. If you’re Canadian I definitely suggest checking this one out. There are a few Canada Memorials in the area that are beautiful to see and i’m so happy we got the chance to see them.

The Shard

-We didn’t go here because it was SO cloudy when we were in town it wouldn’t have been worth it but the view is supposed to be spectacular. I’ve heard it’s an affordable alternative view to the London Eye.

Tower Bridge

-Another touristy spot but so pretty! We loved walking around, grabbed a green juice and took in the scenery


I apologize if this was aggressively long, but I just had so much that I wanted to share in this post. Let me know if there’s anything that you think i missed, and if next time you would prefer that these posts be broken up into smaller section. One post for for what to see, one for what to do… you get the picture.

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