Welcome back to another Just Five Things. Below are 5 things that I’ve been loving lately or that I just wanted to share. Let me know what you think and share 5 things you’re loving in the comments!

1. Baggu Cloud Travel Bag – This bag is absolutely perfect for a weekend away. It folds up to be the size of a small book, and can be help in your suitcase in case you think you’ll need the extra room on a trip. It can also be used as a weekender or a really big shopping bag. I love it for everything! I used it for our weekend away in Portland and  along with my Herschel Luggage for my trip to LA and didn’t need to check a bag which was a total gift!

2. Adidas Falcons – I have a pair of black and neon falcons last summer and while I love them, sometimes they were a bit too loud for day to day. When I saw that they had them in all white I knew I had to snatch them up! I love that they’re a chunky sneaker without being too aggressive.

3. Aeperol – I know, I’m the most basic of basic. But an Aperol spritz really is the perfect refreshing summer drink. and i’m going to keep having them for the next few weeks before Vancouver rain hits and it’s officially fall. 

4. Behind Closed Doors – We read this a few months ago for book club and I absolutely loved it! It’s made me want to read more thrillers because they are just so enticing and easy to get through.

5. Bon Appetite – Over the past year or so I have been completely obsessed with Bon Appetite. It all started with their YouTube channel and now I find myself just checking their website regularly. It’s my go to for easy delicious recipes and they are always so interesting! I prefer it over Pinterst because I know the recipes are curated and tested by the best!


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